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Some Oils Are Not Good For Clogged Pores

Not all natural, essential oils are good for your skin with clogged pores.

Natural ingredients in skin care products are usually healthy compared to synthetic ones. But not all of these natural ingredients will work for all your skin types. Sensitive skin still has to be choosy on the skin care products that they will use. If you have acne-prone skin, it tends to have excess oil that causes an oily face. Those with an oily face should stay away from things or products that tend to clog your pores, which include products with some natural ingredients.

Get natural oils based on the type of your skin.

Some oils are good for oily skin because of their special ratio of essential fatty acids. Other oils and for the same reason, are occlusive and can clog pores. This is why the naturally high in linoleic acid grapeseed is very useful on clogged pores and oily skin.

If you have oily skin, apply products with caution.

As we review the natural ingredients contained in skin care products, which are usually kinds of butter and oils, we consider how essential fatty acids in these oils can work and affect oily skin.

Shea Butter

shea butter for skin
credit image: Happy Cures

Although this oil is beneficial for those with dry skin, shea butter may be too much for oily-prone skin. It has a high level of oleic fatty acids. But there are varying levels of shea butter in various skin care products and the formula matters also. This means that what shea butter is mixed with matters. You may choose product with shea butter but just be very cautious when you see it and watch how your skin reacts to it.

Cocoa Butter

cocoa butter for skin
credit image : cyskincare

Cocoa butter is a moisturizing ingredient with skin-protecting antioxidants and very rich in fatty acids. It can be very occlusive for oily skin, particularly on your face.

Wheat Germ Oil

wheat germ oil for skin
credit image: Soapy Twist

Wheat germ oil is considered comedogenic, but if you have clogged pores, just avoid products with this oil. Also, limit your use on your hair.

Unfractionated Coconut Oil

fractionated oil for clogged pores
Fractionated Oil / credit image: StyleCraze

Fractionated coconut oil is a type of oil that had a long chain of fatty acids. It processed through hydrolysis and steam distillation. At room temperature, it changes the oil liquid and extends the shelf life of the product. It makes it a lighter oil that may not clog pores. Heavy oils that are rich in fatty acids are good moisturizers but they can be very irritating for those with sensitive skin.

Sesame Oil

sesame oil for skin
credit image: MediaFamily

Sesame Oil has slightly more oleic than linoleic acids but you have watch out for these acids. If you plan on using them, try on a small area first and see how it affects your skin. It may not be good for your face, it may be good for your body.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

 sea buckthorn oil for clogged pores
credit image: Oil Health Benefits

Sea buckthorn oil contains antioxidants but it is low in linoleic acid. When you mix this oil with other oils with high linoleic acid, it may work out and enjoy the anti-aging benefits without worrying about clogged pores.

Other natural oils

grapeseed oil for clogged pores
credit image: Healthline

There are natural oils that are high in “oleic” fatty acids but may cause more clogged pores compared to oils that are high in “linoleic” fatty acids. Oily skin tends to have low linoleic fatty acids, oils with more of these fatty acids can work, and those with more “oleic” fatty acids may cause more skin issues. In short, if you have an oily skin type, just avoid them including avocado, olive, sweet almond oil, and apricot kernel.

Well, rosehip oil, grapeseed, evening primrose, and pumpkin seed oil are good for your oily skin.

Which of these oils do you find have worked for your oily skin? Share your experience with us.

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