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Humane Acne Wash For Face & Body

Are you looking for a body wash for your acne-prone skin?

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Whether you are a teenager or an adult, a male or a female, acne may develop on your face, shoulders, arms, back, legs, buttock, and even on your genitals. There are many factors for having acne like the kind of clothing that you usually wear. Tight-fitting clothing, skinny jeans for instance, that is not breathable may be a reason. For exercise activities, choose clothing that is sweat-resistant and loose-fitting breathable like cotton.

Scented clothing and harsh detergent can also contribute to acne. Your sweat glands, oil, and hair follicles also play a significant role in keeping your skin healthy. When an imbalance in your hair follicles and glands occur, it can clog pores resulting in oily skin that later become acne.

Why choosing the right body wash for your skin is important?

To achieve and maintain healthy skin. Most of the body wash products are formulated to cleanse and improve your skin’s condition over time. Some of these body wash products have vitamin E and other nutrients that are good for the skin. Some also have moisturizers, which means they can be less drying compared to bar soaps. Body washes help infuse essential oils and water into the skin. This will help shield it from harsh elements like cold weather. Body wash may be less abrasive compared to bar soap. If you have sensitive or very dry skin, opt for a body wash to avoid irritation and redness.

Choose a body wash with one or more of these ingredients:

To protect your skin from bacteria. Body wash with antibacterial ingredients helps kill germs while removing dirt, excess oils, sweat, smell, and even makeup from the skin. Most of these antibacterial body washes keep protecting your skin for many hours after washing. They help fight infections and illnesses due to bacteria. Body washes may also help stop body odor that resulted from accumulated germs in your body.

Easy to use. The lifestyle these days make us choose activities that are easy and simple to use and apply. That is also true with using body washes. You just squeeze the suggested amount of content on a sponge or loofah and create a rich lather. Then simply wash as you normally do. After rinsing, just pat your skin dry. Avoid rubbing it because rubbing can remove the moisture layer on the skin.

What to look for in body wash for acne-prone skin?

  • Consider the type of your skin. Different skin types have different needs. For those with oily or dry skin, choose body washes that are formulated to these types of skin.
  • Read and understand product ingredients. Look for active ingredients for treating acne and other skin irritations like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients help maintain your skin clear and free from breakouts.
  • Look for a body wash that helps exfoliate. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and freshen up oily skin. You may try a couple of different brands because some products can be harsh, especially for sensitive skin.
  • Some Body Wash products may be medicated. Before buying a medicated product, consult with a dermatologist first. The doctor will know what is best for your acne-prone skin.

For individuals with acne-prone skin, we recommend Humane Acne Wash.

Humane Acne Wash: A Review

Humane Acne Wash For Face & Body

This acne wash is a face and body acne treatment that contains the maximum strength of benzoyl peroxide (10%). It helps clear up those stubborn blemishes and kill acne-causing bacteria. The non-foaming acne wash also helps penetrate pores to regulate the production of sebum and prevent new ones from developing.

Is it good for everyone with acne?

Since we have different types of skin, thus, using a particular product may also give different skin reactions. Some may be positive, while others may not.

Take note that Humane Acne Wash uses the highest concentration of benzoyl peroxide allowed by law, this product is not recommended for sensitive skin. This acne wash is formulated to treat moderate to severe acne. This means that this body wash may not work with individuals with mild acne.

If you have some allergic skin disorders such as eczema, we recommend consulting with a dermatologist first before buying this product.

How to use Humane Acne Wash properly?

For positive results, the Humane Company recommend the best body washes for acne as the first step of your daily and evening skincare regime.

For beginners, begin with 1-2 pumps and gently apply on affected areas for several days. Observe if your skin reacts negatively. If there is no irritation, then leave it for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing off to avoid future breakouts.

Follow these easy 4-steps to integrate Humane Acne Wash into your daily skincare regime:

  • Apply just a thin, uniform layer of acne wash on dampened skin. Then gently massage the product over your entire face or affect an area of your body.
  • Leave it for about one minute or 3-5 minutes if it does not irritate your skin.
  • Wash off thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel or washcloth. Take note that benzoyl peroxide has a bleaching effect on your towel or cloth. We recommend using a white towel or cloth when drying the skin.
  • Apply a good hydrating oil-free moisturizer after using acne wash on your skin. If you are going out and will be exposed to the sun, apply a 50+ sunscreen.

Use Humane Acne Wash twice every day for best results. But if you experience excessive dryness, peeling, or irritation, minimize your usage.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Humane Acne Wash receives a 4.4-star rating (out of 5 stars) from more than 2,600 users. Others give this product a 5-star rating claiming that they have found a solution for their acne problem after many years of searching.

On a final note,

Studies showed that benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are safe ingredients that help treat acne, breakouts, and other skin irritations. However, we recommend knowing first your skin before buying any acne treatment so that it works best for your skin. Consistent, right skin care regime is important to maintain healthy, radiant skin. However, do not overdo it. Humane Acne Wash is a non-foaming that can be used for your face, body, and back. Take note, this acne wash is not recommended for those with sensitive skin.


Humane Acne Wash is formulated with the maximum strength of benzoyl peroxide that helps clear up stubborn blemishes and kill acne-causing bacteria. It also helps regulate sebum and prevent new ones from developing.


  • Most users experienced positive results in treating acne and blemishes
  • Receives rating in Amazon from more than 2,600 who bought this product
  • Made in USA under FDA-compliant facility
  • Irritant-free (without parabens, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol); free from animal-based ingredients
  • Does not contain any fragrances
  • Available in 8 oz bottle which can last up to 2 months


  • Treatment may take up to six weeks before seeing results.
  • Being fragrance-free, some people may not like the “unpleasant smell.”
  • Not good for those sensitive to benzoyl peroxide.
  • A compact acne wash which leaves a thick layer on your skin. Wash thoroughly to remove the thick content on your skin.

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