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Easy Spring Skin Care Tips

skin care tips

The Season is switching to blossoms and warm mornings. Time to be excited to wear skirts without tights, shoes, and sandals (not boots), and have lesser pressure to blow dry your hair each time you want to go out.

Spring time

Changing seasons. Should we also change our skincare routine in the spring for gorgeous and healthy skin?

Autumn and winter are harsh seasons on the skin: tough extreme temperatures, snow, dry, and indoor heating. It is tricky to adjust from one season to another to maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

And there is no better period to prepare your skin for the warmer and sunny months ahead but with these Spring Skin Care Tips NOW! 

Clean your skincare dresser

clear skin care shelf for spring
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Do you still have that cleanser that you have not used since last year? Trash those skin care products that are just collecting dirt and dust. They may be beyond their “best-before-dates,” which can cause irritation if you use them. Refresh your skin care shelf with the basics: a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. Try these cleansers, toner/astringents, and moisturizers for the ones you throw out.

Exfoliate and lighten up

exfoliate and lighten up your skin
image credit: Skin and Hair Academy

Springtime means light makeup. No more deep, burgundy lipsticks that we use during the festive season. Brace up with lighter lipstick colors in pinks and peaches. Use cleansers that will lightly and gently remove makeup and hydrate your skin, without clogging your skin pores, or leaving residues on your skin. These can cause breakouts.

Go easy with your skin with your facial exfoliator by doing small, circular motions. Once or twice every week is enough to make your skin radiant and smooth. Try this 

Moisturize your skin

moisturize your skin
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During those colder days, your skin, especially the ears and neck, are hidden under your hat and scarves. With the sun up, they can easily get dry, dehydrated, and irritated.

After exfoliating, go ahead moisturize one last time using a rich cream and then change it for a lighter non-comedogenic lotion for this spring season. The reason for this is that temperature will rise and so with our skin’s oil production. We are likely to sweat more. A lighter lotion will help keep the skin pores clear and prevent overloading the skin with excess oil.

Natural makeup for Spring time

natural makeup for spring
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Your makeup plays a very significant role in keeping your skin healthy and smooth. Choose healthy makeup such as mineral makeup without those harsh parabens and mineral oil. (and does it need to be said….. Always remember to remove your makeup at night.)

Protect your skin with SPF

for protect your skin with spf
image credit: Badger Balm

With the sun coming up high, it is time to “SPF” your skin. It may not be that high yet, but always remember that UVA and UVB can affect your skin. We recommend SPF 30 (even if there is no sun yet) to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun, which is crucial for keeping your skin healthy. Apply SPF30 under your makeup to protect you from the rays of the sun and hold your foundation on for the day.

Drink plenty and more water

lemon mint cucumber water

Skin experts always remind us that hydration is important for your skin – all year round. Spring is a period of rejuvenation. Remove those toxins by drinking plenty and more water. Hydration means radiant spring skin.

Cucumber, mint, and lemon are considered as classic spa water combos we should try. Mint and lemon help in digestion, while cucumber rehydrates.

Try this easy DIY lemon, cucumber, and mint water recipe.

Treat yourself for a facial spa

 facial spa
image credit: Spa Universaire

While we all want to practice good skin care routine, this does not mean that we have to shun away from professional treatments like a facial spa. You may not be suffering from acne and other skin irritations, your complexion will benefit from the facial massage that it deserves.

Changing your skin care routine is easy. It means preparing your skin for the warmer and sunnier days ahead.

Enjoy springtime!!

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Written by Maria

My passion is helping other people overcome the pain and embarrassment of acne. I have dealt with acne since my teenage years and know first-hand how hard it is to suffer from this condition.

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