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Dermaroller with Vitamin C and Soothing Cream Set Review

Acne is one thing to handle and scars are another one to deal with. Acne will somehow fade but scars are hard to handle.

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Acne scars are formed when your skin tissue is damaged. You can damage your skin by when you pick at and pop pimples. This will later result in scarring. But there are times that even if you are careful with your skin, scars still develop.

Serious blemishes are characterized by very inflamed and will likely develop a scar. There are individuals who are prone to scarring that even minor blemishes leave scars on them. If you have seen some scarring, there several things that you can do.

Firstly, see and consult a dermatologist because he/she knows methods to control acne. You have consulted and treated by a dermatologist, followed their instructions exactly, and told them if you have other concerns. When your skin is clear with blemishes, then you can plan and decide what you can do to keep your skin clear and healthy.

Types of Acne Scars

Once the wounds heal, your body may sometimes produce too much collagen. This will create a mass of raised tissue on the surface of your skin. This type of scarring is known as hypertrophic or keloid.

Acne can cause atrophic or depressed scars. This type of scars develops when there is a loss of tissue. Boxcar and ice pick scars are common examples of atrophic scars.

There may be acne scars that not really real acne scars but post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This is a temporary discoloration of your skin that will fade on its own. There are several treatment options like Retin-A that can speed the fading time.

Acne Scars Treatment Options

There are a lot of acne scars treatments and dermarolling is gaining popularity among them.

Dermapen is a tool with a lot of needles. These needles will prick your face simultaneously to boost elastin fibers and collagen. The goal is to smoothen and clear your skin. There is an advanced Dermapen micro-needling treatment that was used by Kim Kardashian. The method includes plate-rich plasma (from her own blood) to turbo-charge the collagen stimulation and elastin growth. And that was for a staggering $2,500 for each treatment.

But the skin and beauty industry has developed a method that even ordinary people can afford. Heard of “derma rollers,” “derma needle rollers,” “needle rollers,” “dermabrasion rollers,” microneedle skin roller,” and the like.

What is a dermaroller?

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Dermaroller is a handheld designed with a wheel-like center. It is covered by microneedles, actually hundreds of them, that gently prick your skin as it rolls from one area to the next spot. Dermarollers were created in different length – from 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm. The theory is that the longer the needles used in a derma roller, the more serious its effects. Take note of the following:

  • 0.25 mm dermaroller is the mildest type. There will be no bleeding with this type of microneedle and no stimulation of collagen. They are designed to make sufficient way in the skin to improve the effects of skin care products.
  • 0.5 mm dermaroller generates minimal bleeding and pain. This can cause insignificant damage to your skin to stimulate minor collagen production.
  • 0.75 mm to 1 mm dermaroller is considered the best derma roller for your face. It may cause from slight to moderate bleeding and pain and will take up to a week of recovery time. But this is great for acne scars, deep wrinkles, and stretch marks.
  • 0.5 mm to 3mm dermaroller should only by trained professionals. The risks of pain and other severe effects when this is done at home are really serious. But when it is done by a dermatologist, the method can help with severe scarring, body stretch marks, and other skin problems.

The number of microneedles in a dermaroller kit can affect your overall experience. Older versions in the market were manufactured with 200 microneedles or less. This means that there are wider gaps and they will not be sufficient to treat a spot in one treatment. It means that there you will need more and additional painful rolls.

These days, there are recent versions with more than 500 microneedles which are proven to boost collagen re-growth.

What are the uses of dermarollers?

There are at-home derma rollers in the market today. They are affordable and give lesser pain, which is an alternative to micro-needling done by dermatologists. These derma rollers may appear like a torture tool but when there are used properly, they can help minimize acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Derma rollers may reduce large pores and at the same time will help with the firmness of your skin. There are professional derma rollers that are designed to prevent hair loss but they are not as famous as derma rollers for scars. Many men are slowly becoming aware of this derma roller and are using it. It affects the areas of the scalp by boosting the blood flow to hair follicles and as a result, it reverses the effects of hair loss

Such a device goes beyond the collagen growth but it also improves the absorption of skin care products. This means that your skin can satisfy oils, serums, and other skin supplements that it needs.

The ZustBeauty 0.3 mm Derma Roller Kit with Serum and Cream Set

Derma Roller Kit 0.3MM and Vitamin C 25% Hyaluronic Serum with Soothing Cream Set Bundle– Best Quality 540 Titanium Microneedle Organic Vitamin C Serum- Cosmetic Micro Needles For All Face Skin Types

If you are looking for a dermarolling system and without skin care regime yet, you will appreciate this home therapy kit from ZustBeauty.

The set includes a silver cosmetic needling derma roller with vitamin C Hyaluronic Serum with post-treatment Centella cream giving you a full spa-like experience at your home. With this bundle, you can save from the expensive costs of a salon for similar results from the comfort of your very own home.

Use the derma roller for two to three times every week. Apply vitamin C Hyaluronic serum every day for skin extra moisture.

The Hyaluronic acid, also known as hydration booster, holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. Combined with vitamin C, they help boost and store moisture in your skin up to 10 times longer for a clearer and smoother complexion.

Dermaroller microneedle treatments usually make your skin in need of calming after the treatment. With the special formula of Centella Soothing Cream, it provides soothing effects every after the micro-needle treatment. Our vitamin C, Hyaluronic serum, and Centella cream contains beeswax, flower extract, and vitamin E.

This dermaroller and creams come with the company’s skincare bag to keep and store them at home or bring them when you travel. The bag is transparent with black edging and zipper.

Surprise a friend or someone you care about with this ultimate skin care kit. It is a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and the like. This fits men and women with any skin types.

How to Use Derma Roller

  1. Clean your face the way you do it every day.
  2. Disinfect and sanitize micro-needles with alcohol for about 15 minutes.
  3. After sanitizing the derma roller, carefully and slowly roll it on your skin in all directions for about 3 to 4 times. (Remember to use the roller only twice every week.)
  4. Then apply 3 to 5 drops of the vitamin C serum to your face using a dropper. Gently tap your face until the serum has absorbed in your face.
  5. And then, apply gently a small amount of Centella Soothing Cream to the treated areas. This will calm and minimize any redness on sensitive skin.
  6. Finally, dip your used roller into alcohol to clean. Put the sanitized roller into the case, or keep it in a dry, clean place.

Is it worth the price? The bundle set costs for only $21.87 in Amazon. This is reasonable considering the many benefits you can get from it for smoother and clearer skin!

ZustBeauty guarantees customer’s satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with their products, you simply return them within 30 days, and you will be refunded.


The ZustBeauty 0.3 mm Derma Roller Kit with Vitamin C Serum and Cream Set includes a silver cosmetic needling derma roller with vitamin C Hyaluronic Serum with post-treatment Centella cream giving you a full spa-like experience at your home.


  • Effective derma roller
  • Serum makes your skin radiant and smooth
  • Soothing cream feels good on the skin after using dermaroller
  • Handy packaging


  • Does not have any refills. This means that you must order a new kit when the roller needs changing.
  • Serum is contained in small bottle.

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Written by Maria

My passion is helping other people overcome the pain and embarrassment of acne. I have dealt with acne since my teenage years and know first-hand how hard it is to suffer from this condition.

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