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Best 7 Back Acne Treatments

Acne, as we know, is very common among the Americans. When left untreated, it can lead to blackheads, whiteheads, and pus-filled spots. The American Academy of Dermatology reported that there are about 40 to 50 million Americans who have acne at any one time.

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Acne is likely to begin during the pubertal stage, and most individuals suffer from acne during this time before it resolves itself in the late teens or early in their 20s. For others, it tends to persist into their late 20s and 30s.

Acne can differ from a few spots to bigger clusters of affected areas, like face, neck, chest, including the back portion of our body. When acne is not treated immediately, it can cause permanent scars and dark spots on our skin.

So, what is back acne?

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There are instances when big tender cysts can develop on the back portion. They can burst or heal up without rupturing. The skin affected by acne can be soft to the touch or can feel hot, or maybe painful.

The severity of back acne can differ. Mild acne (grade 1) is characterized by a few blemishes that may include blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. Severe acne (grade 4) tends to have many spots or cysts. For mild acne cases, the application of OTC medications after the original problems has cleared up can help us avoid breakouts.

Causes of Back Acne

When the levels of hormones in the blood increase, the glands generate an excess of oil. At the same time, dead skin cells are not properly shed have clogged up the follicles. The combination of excess oil and dead skin cells problems can result in whiteheads and blackheads.

Skin experts reported that everybody has Propionibacterium acnes on our skin, and for most, this bacteria does not cause any problem. The accumulation of more oil on the skin on individuals with acne-prone skin makes an excellent environment for this bacteria to multiply. Later, it can result in inflammation and formation of pus-filled or red spots.

Reports also show that there is little evidence that any specific foods like chocolate can cause acne. However, some researchers report that their studies reveal that some carbohydrates like white bread and potato chips can cause a rise in blood sugar levels which can trigger the growth of acne.

Ways of Treating Back Acne

Topical creams

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Topical creams are the first option to treat mild to moderate cases of acne. They are applied directly to your skin. Dermatologists recommend topical creams that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. It is recommended that they should be applied to whole affected parts of the back, rather than just the spots once or twice a day. You may observe results within 4 to 8 weeks.


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It is recommended to see your doctor or healthcare provider before buying medicines for acne, especially, when acne is severe with acne cysts and nodules. You may be prescribed with antibiotics to kill bacteria and minimize inflammation. Sometimes, this is prescribed with a topical medication.

The isotretinoin is a potent treatment that can help individuals for up to two years of medication. However, there are some downsides to this treatment such as it can harm unborn babies. Therefore acne medication that involves isotretinoin is not advisable for women who are planning to get pregnant. Before prescribing this treatment, doctors may ask for blood tests for your safety. Doctors will continue to monitor individuals while they are using this treatment.

Skin procedures

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Laser and other light therapies are formulated to minimize the levels of bacteria on your skin. However, there is limited evidence that supports the effectiveness of this therapy. Mostly, doctors will recommend chemical peel to treat blackheads and papules.

Drainage and extraction is an approach that removes large acne cysts if they do not respond to medications. This approach may help ease the pain but will possibly leave a scar.

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Recommended Specialized Products for Treatment of Back Acne

One needs to have a specialized back acne product for treatment. The skin of your back, shoulder, or neck is different from the skin of your face. They are thicker, and acne that is developed in these areas are more resistant compared to your face.

Below are back acne products that can clear your skin from acne. Rest assured that we continue to research these products’ pros and cons, their suitability on your skin, and particular instructions.

From the products below, select the acne treatment that suits the type of your skin, to begin with removing acne.

1. Keeva Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream

Keeva Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream

This creamy and light Keeva Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream contains natural anti-acne ingredients. The tea tree essential oil is an antibacterial, antifungal, moisturizer, cleanser, astringent, and toner all in a single natural ingredient. It is proven effective in treating acne from the roots and preventing future breakouts.

Aside from tea tree essential oil, it also contains salicylic acid. This combination keeps your skin moisturized and acne-free. The cream also contains hyaluronic acid that helps remove acne scars for clearer and smoother skin.

This Keeva cream is suitable for face, chest, back, and neck acne.


  • The organic tea tree oil and the salicylic acid combination is effective in moisturizing your skin and keeps your skin acne-free.
  • The product also contains hyaluronic acid that helps remove acne scars for clearer and smoother skin.
  • Paraben-free, sulfate-free
  • Ingredients are made with non-GMO ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Visible results are observed within a few days, not months


  • The cream is contained in a small 1-oz jar, and so you may have to buy more to complete your back acne treatment.
  • Check the ingredients because there may be some natural ingredients that may give you some allergies.
  • Since this is a scented cream, some may find the smell pleasant but others may not.

Keeva Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream

2. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Body Soap

Christina Moss Naturals Organic Body Soap

The company has worked for 17 years in developing its formulas to bring us quality and effective products. The Christina Moss Naturals Organic Body Soap is “rich, nutritious” and helps in cleaning, nourishing, and feeding your skin with organic and natural ingredients. Ingredients include natural extracts and essential oils leaving your skin healthy and beautiful.

The soap works well with those with sensitive skin type. It lathers and rinses clean with soothing skin ingredients without leaving accumulated, stripping, or drying out your skin. The company guarantees that the product contains no harmful chemicals and without SLS and SLES, PG or PG derivatives. The body is paraben-free, without sulfates, no dyes, without synthetic fragrance, or anesthetizing agents. The soap is environmental-friendly and made of vegan-formula.


  • The soap helps remove dead skin cells leaving your skin refreshingly nourished.
  • Works as a body and facial soap, but make sure to keep it away from extremely sensitive spots of your body
  • Organic ingredients-based soap, without harmful chemicals, no SLS or SLES, free from parabens, with PG or PG derivatives, no sulfates and dyes, without synthetic fragrance or anesthetizing agents.


  • May experience stinging sensation on your skin
  • May help remove acne but the soap does not guarantee future breakouts.

Christina Moss Naturals Organic Body Soap

3. Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar

Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Cleansing Bar (Pack of 2)

The Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar contains natural charcoal which is known to cleanse pores. This soap is infused with refreshing peppermint oil and exfoliating jojoba beads making your skin smooth and 2.5 times cleaner compared to a basic cleanser. This product received good feedback from individuals who used this soap to treat their back acne.


  • Contains exfoliating natural charcoal, jojoba beads for removing dead skin cells from your skin, and peppermint oil that helps leave your skin refreshingly nourished.
  • Although the soap is not 100%-free from chemicals, it is a natural ingredients-based product.
  • Also, good product to help you remove your makeup


  • Does not fit individuals with dry and sensitive skin types
  • Leaves your skin with a “tingly” feeling

Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar

4. Wonderfully Natural Organic African Black Soap

Wonderfully Natural Organic African Black Soap

The Wonderfully Natural Organic African Black Soap helps you get flawless skin. This raw black soap contains natural ingredients like organic palm oil, unrefined shea butter, and organic cocoa pods. These ingredients help fight acne and other skin problems.


  • Helps clear up acne, scars, and blemishes
  • Acts as exfoliation keep your skin soft
  • Contains anti-aging properties


  • May dry out a sensitive skin

Wonderfully Natural Organic African Black Soap

5. Humane Acne Wash

Humane Acne Wash

Humane Acne Wash with 10% benzoyl peroxide is formulated to treat acne, including back acne. It kills bacteria – fast – and helps prevent future breakouts. However, this product is not recommended for individuals with sensitive skin because the formula is strong.

It is fragrance-free, and the product has received much positive feedback from users.


  • Comes with a convenient pump at the top, making it very easy to use bit-sized amount.
  • Aside from fighting back acne, the product can also help reducing acne scars
  • Without artificial fragrance, paraben-free
  • Made and processed in the U.S.A., without imported formations.


  • Cannot be applied as a facial cleanser for individuals with sensitive skin
  • May pose problems if you are allergic to benzoyl peroxide
  • You need to wash it off your back – thoroughly – because it will leave a thin film on your skin.

Humane Acne Wash

6. Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap

Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap, 16 oz.

Refresh your skin with each shower through Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap. It is one of the best-selling body soap in Amazon. It is infused with fresh fruit extracts to help cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

Papaya and grapefruit extracts help remove dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. The ginseng extract helps rejuvenate, while oat protein helps soothes sensitive and irritated spots. This body soap is an excellent choice for individuals with skin problems like acne at the back, shoulders, and chest. It leaves no soapy residue, and it smells heavenly.


  • It contains papaya and grapefruit to help exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil off your skin.
  • It contains ginseng that helps rejuvenate skin and oat protein help soothes sensitive skin; prevents skin irritation.
  • Helps remove skin tags.


  • The Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs are not suitable for all types of skin. Make sure that you are not allergic to it before getting this product or any product that are with AHAs.
  • Can make your skin burn if you have very sensitive skin type.

Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap

7. PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash

PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash

If you are looking for the maximum strength of benzoyl peroxide that delivers results, choose PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash. It contains 10% benzoyl peroxide that helps clean and unclogs pores on the back, chest, and face. It also helps clear existing acne blemishes and helps prevent new blemishes from developing. This foaming wash helps exfoliate dead skin cells.


  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • A high concentration acne medication that is proven to treat back acne and even severe types of acne.
  • Economical solution for back acne.


  • May cause excessive dryness or irritation on the skin
  • Not fitted to those with dry and sensitive skin types
  • If this product is used without care, benzoyl peroxide can stain or bleach your clothes.

PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash

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We hope that this article has, in one way or another, helped you find a solution to your skin problem. Message us and let us know your thoughts.

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